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About Us

Mandala flow was established in 2014 by Heidi Grillo and Liz Rapson. Their aim is to help clients reach their optimal point of health, resilience and wellbeing. As degree qualified therapists, both Heidi and Liz are passionate about therapies which increase positivity and flow within. They have continued to study to treat with therapies that complement each other, such as Reflexology (Chinese Perspective) and Eden Energy Medicine, among others. Each with over 11 years’ experience, their aim is to facilitate positive change.

They are passionate about encouraging their clients with knowledge and guidance on how to look after themselves, particularly when they are not in the clinic. Their range of health tool-kits, workshops and energy classes provides attendees with vital skills to help deal with life’s challenges when not being treated physically by a practitioner.

What We Do

At mandala flow, we work with energy. We aim to manipulate the energy flow in meridians to improve wellbeing, increase vitality and boost health with a range of services including reflexology, energy medicine, emotional freedom technique and reiki. We do this through moving the energy from its current state (possibly excess or deficient) to help it reach its optimum flow. As life and energy is constantly changing, we look at how to bring the body back to function as well as it can in order for our clients to feel the best they can.

According to Donna Eden, the founder of Eden Energy Medicine, balancing the body’s energy regulates its chemistry and hormones, helps you feel better and helps you to think better. It’s been called the self-care and development path of the future.