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Energy Medicine

Reconnects and engages out of balance energy pathways and meridians on or above the body

Helps to facilitate positive change in health, vitality and well-being

An energy medicine practitioner directs his/her attention to both physiological and psychological aspects of the individual. It also benefits you as a take-home, self-help treatment continuing to regulate your harmony and balance, promoting a high level of wellness and peak performance following a treatment.

Energy medicine utilises techniques from acupuncture, yoga, kinesiology and qi gong to help restore and maintain flow, balance and harmony within the body.

A treatment lasts for 55 minutes and costs £49 per treatment.

What to expect from a treatment:

This non-invasive touch treatment is carried out through a number of means including tapping, buzzing, connecting and moving energy either on or near the body and can be performed lying down or standing. It reconnects specific out of balance energy points and pathways, restoring balance therefore allowing a continuous  flow of energy to circulate throughout the body which in turn increases oxygen saturation levels and blood flow.

Think about when you have a upset stomach your instinct tells you to rub it, to make you feel better. Or if you see someone in distress your instinct is to give them a hug – these two acts are a form of moving energy in the body – the first is the act of self healing and the second is the act of facilitating a energy shift to the person by offering the hug. It could be said these acts are energy medicine at a basic level.

What our clients say:

“They are warm and approachable, while at the same time being highly professional. During treatments, I have experience profound shifts in my energy and thus in how I was feeling.”