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History Of Our Treatments

What are meridians?

Meridians are energy pathways which provide circuits for energy to travel through the body. There are 12 major and many minor meridians. Each of the 12 major work in pairs through the rising and falling of energy (or yin and yang). Throughout each circuit lies several acupoints /gates of energy exchange. The ebb and flow of energy is normal and inevitable however, it can be disrupted, much like that of your mood throughout the day due to various factors that affect you specifically. The time of day, your personality, illness or stress are some of the disruptive influences that affect the natural flow of meridians.

Imagine meridians are like a network of rivers in your body. On occasion, a dam is formed which causes a blockage. Our practitioners help to locate and remove the blockage of energy within the body (e.g. stress) and improve the flow. Blockages can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual and we can help treat many conditions as a result.

Five element theory (A diagnostic branch of TCM; Traditional Chinese Medicine)

According to Five Element Theory the basic elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood are associated with their own cycles and characteristics like the time of day; internal organs; yin yang energy; seasons of the year; colours; emotions and much more. By using this ancient Chinese method of analysis, holistic practitioners can discern a treatment path and manipulate the flow of their clients energy to alleviate dis-ease and increase wellbeing on an individual basis.

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