Guest Therapists

Here at Mandala Flow we’re proud to be hiring clinic space to a variety of gifted therapists. If you’d like a treatment from any of them you can find more information on how to contact them below.

Jemma Donald


Bespoke Massage
from £48
Hot Stone Massage
from £55
Indian Head Massage
from £48
Pregnancy Massage
from £48
Neals Yard Remedies luxury facial and back treatments
from £53
Available Mon, Tue, Thu & Weekends

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Catherine Jacobs


Aromatherapy Massage
1hr £50 90mins £70
Theraputic Massage
30mins £27 1hr £50
Pregnancy Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
30mins £30 1hr £55

Temple Spa consultant
Available Tue, Thu, Fri & Every 2nd Sat/Sun

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Joanna Anderson

Womens Abdominal Therapy

Initial Zoom Consultation 1hr £50
1st Treatment & Follow ups 1hr £65
90mins follow up £80

Holistic Massage
1hr £55
90mins £75

Available 1st Sun each Month
Every 2nd Thursday

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Katarina Luksic

Clinical & RTT Hypnotherapy
Rapid Transformational Therapy

1hr £250
Available Ad Hoc

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Lisa Proudfoot

Stress Reduction Therapy

A holistic treatment using a combination of reiki, shamanic healing, physical rehabilitation, counselling, art therapy, massage therapy, thai reflexology, tai chi, chi kung and meditation.

Release – Strengthen – Grow Programme £99 per month
1 to 1 Therapy Sessions £50 1hr
Available Wed & Fri

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Victoria Logan


Vinyasa Flow Yoga & Conscious Movement

Victoria teaches a slow but strong vinyasa practice, moving through yoga postures with intention & really connecting inwards to the breath, harmonising the body’s energy flow. Always starting in a moment of grounding, intention & pranayama, the practice is accompanied with music to assist with finding your natural flow and rhythm.

Group Yoga £10 1hr

Every Sun 6pm – 7pm

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