There’s just something about a robin that kicks off the festive feeling for me-just look at those little feathers and that proud chest. This is a time of year when the idea giving is everywhere we go and yet I’m more aware than ever before of people in need both near and far. Whilst I’m grateful to have a roof over my head and food in my fridge I can’t help feeling overwhelmed by all the people around us struggling for even the simplest of needs, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. So what can we do? There are no easy or quick answers here but one quote that keeps coming to my mind is ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ but how can that apply in the here and now?
You could buy an extra present this year for someone you know would feel the kindness. Donate your time in a way that works for you, bake/make/create, or it could be as simple as spending real time with your family, play games/laugh and make some memories. Essentially, do something that pays it forward and know that each act, no matter how small is creating be the change this festive season????
Sometimes it’s easier said than done trying not to let things get inside us and weigh us down. As hard as it is, getting into a routine of checking yourself can really can make a difference. I often speak to clients about visualising their emotions as water and them having the choice to be swimming in the water or rowing atop in their boat,so I just couldn’t resist this beautiful post by @tinybuddhaofficial. What do I mean about trying to stay in the boat though? Can you imagine how exhausted you’d be if you were always swimming in the water instead of sitting in the boat? That’s what living inside your emotions is like for your body, mind and soul. You can’t get a clear picture if all you’re trying to do is keep your head above water. Being in the boat gives you a better view, time to have a breather and the energy to row in another direction if required. Life is all about perspective ,if you had time to slow down and consider your emotional response to life’s events would you? Next time try giving yourself permission to get in the boat ???? then check in and see how you feel about the different perspective
What does giving yourself permission look/feel like to you?
I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working alongside amazing clients and a lot of my job is about being an energetic grounding fork and I love it. Over the years I’ve noticed that while treating people I sometimes get a word for the day/week, almost like an underlying intention. I often base the passages I write here using those select words as a catharsis to that transient but persistent energy. If you are one of my clients you may have heard me mention the idea of permission recently. I’ve been dropping a seed of thought on how you feel about giving yourself permission to make both big and small changes. So often we can find ourselves for whatever reason unable to express our needs and abilities-digging a little deeper here I wonder if it’s fundamentally because we haven’t given ourselves permission to think/feel any different. I want you to take a moment today to explore how it would feel to give yourself permission for something that’s been a challenge recently. You could go somewhere you’ve always wanted to, get that hairstyle you’d love to try or join the class that could teach you a new skill, the list is endless.
Having explored this thought in myself I realised that I often stop myself from sitting down when I first get home, thinking that the housework/dinner prep/dog walks have no time to wait! The reality couldn’t be more different and yet I can if unchecked convince myself that I don’t have time to sit because it won’t get the dishes done. Well, it won’t get the dishes done BUT it will allow me time to decompress from my busy day so that I can appreciate being home and therefore enjoy cooking for my family, walking the dog and then the housework is done in a jiffy (music to sing along to helps). Life is a lot about our personal mindset and if we would only give ourselves permission just imagine the flow we could create and then what we could achieve. What if you gave permission to be good at your job/happy/sad/to say no/to say yes/to take a risk/to play it safe/to relax/to push yourself… the world may just get a little easier to navigate.
It’s easy to think that this is a reference to being kind only to others but it’s important to remember we can’t pour from an empty cup. So just for today I want you to actively find a way to be kind to yourself. This way of thinking could look like a variety of things eg..shutting down negative internal chat, taking a moment to appreciate a view instead of whizzing onto the next item on your to do list, smiling and complimenting yourself in the mirror at the next toilet break you have, sitting down if you’ve been busy all day, going for a walk somewhere pretty if you haven’t. Whatever being kind to yourself could look like today remember that life is a journey not a destination. Finding ways to enrich your experience feels good and can help to lower your stress hormones in the process so it’s a win win. Big thanks go to @callummacleodphotography for use of this amazing photo! 
Accepting the things or situations we can’t change has to be near the top of the list of hard life lessons in terms of emotional growth right? It all comes down to how we view the word acceptance according to the spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle. The word itself harks of you being complicit in your circumstances but what if you haven’t chosen them and feel utterly blindsided?! I for one can think of many times this has happened and I bet you’re reading this with a few in mind too. What if we altered the view point though? What if we got to thinking about acceptance as stage one in our evolution to an outcome we can process with more ease through embracing acceptance? Granted sometimes something happens that completely derails our lives, dreams and even happiness, but in time if we find a space to accept as oppose to resist the change could it help us? This is what I mean when i say find the key to the next door. Instead of feeling anxious and frustrated about where the expected one went could acceptance be the stage we embrace so that we can move on with a feeling of purpose because accepting is not an agreement to remain just an acknowledgement of a stage in the transition. We all know and hear all the time that nothing can stay the same forever, everything changes, life is fleeting but do we really accept that? Maybe facing acceptance is our way of propelling into change for the better and if not we just keep accepting and continue on to the next door.
Sunday is always a good grounding day. This kind of exercise is useful to help dissipate a panic attack by focusing the mind on the present moment. You can say what you see and feel aloud or in your head as long as you are present in describing the different items on the list. When the overwhelm in your body/mind feels the form and order of you being present it naturally has a soothing effect on the senses. Simple and effective tools like this are key to bringing you back to yourself but don’t forget to also do some work around the why. We offer a range of energy medicine and talk energy sessions at Mandala Flow where we can explore the source of your stress to alleviate the fear associated. This offers you an opportunity to learn some tailored energy exercises to help you live a more fulfilled and anxiety free life.