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Heidi Grillo BSc

I’ve been fascinated by how the body works for as long as I can remember. As a child my Nana would show me simple ways of treating some common ailments sparking an interest in alternative health.

This interest has taken over my working life. All of my therapies involve touch and to some degree the buzzing and movement of energy using acupoints.

I’m particularly passionate about the Five Elements and the Meridian System and how they affect the ebb and flow of energy in the body.

I became degree qualified in Reflexology with Chinese perspective in 2006 and have continued to add meridian associated techniques to my knowledge base. Because my therapies focus on a holistic approach each session is tailored specifically to the client.

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Liz Rapson BSc

For 11 years now, I have been a student of complementary therapies and the client therapist energy exchange during treatments.

I have always been interested in the benefits of alternative health- especially touch therapies and the invisible realms of energy, consciousness,thoughts and emotions. Reflexology, reiki and energy medicine has enlightened my perception of how we should all be encouraged to seek a comlementary health practitioner when dealing with lifes daily stresses.

I became degree qualified in reflexology in 2007 and in Adult Nursing in 2011 as a means to understand both approaches to healthcare. I firmly believe that the two approaches to our health and wellbeing can together make a difference, and that the future of complementary therapies and their benefits will eventually have more evidence based research to help bring about a more integrative approach to healthcare.

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