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Our Services

Our treatments are suitable for men, women and children (with consent). All of our treatments work with the body’s energy using touch, mostly in connection with meridians, reflexes and acupoints taking in account the five element theory.

Our aim is to make people feel good. At mandala flow we understand that everyone is on a different path, and we customise our treatments to help clients get the best out of their own journey.

The services we provide include:

Complementary therapies, especially touch therapies, are increasingly being used by more people working alongside orthodox treatments to enhance their health and quality of life.

In our experience, 4 treatments (either weekly or bi-weekly) are recommended to kick start the ‘feel good’ process, though we do have clients that come for one session every now and again when they feel they need it – it is really up to you and we are happy to discuss what you feel you need.