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Reflexology (Chinese perspective)

A system of touch/pressure applied to reflexes and acupoints mainly on the feet but can also be applied to the hands, face and ears.

By engaging specific reflexes and acupoints the body can kick start its own healing process to improve many conditions

Reflexology is based on the theory that the organs and tissues of the body are reflected in the feet, hands, face and ears. With access to over 100,000 nerve endings in the feet alone, reflexology can provide a platform for communication between your feet and the central nervous system by stimulating or relaxing the reflexes that are connected to organs and tissues around the body. This makes reflexology a useful therapy for many conditions. By using the five element theory as a form of analysis in conjunction with reflexology, we believe that treatments can be further tailored to the clients specific healthcare journey with us.

A treatment lasts for 55 minutes and costs £49 per treatment.

What to expect from a treatment:

Using the hands, thumbs and fingers, pressure is applied to reflexes and acupoints on the feet to trigger improved circulation and oxygen saturation; helping to reduce stress and anxiety and kick start the healing process.

What our clients say:

Within the first treatment I felt an instant improvement in the way I felt within myself. I feel a lot calmer and am gaining confidence again.
Heidi’s technique is excellent as she takes a holistic approach to her work which adds another dimension. She has a calm and spiritual aura which I find extremely relaxing.