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“I’ve been getting reflexology from Heidi for over 2 years now for migraines and to promote general relaxation.

I don’t pretend to understand how Reflexology works for me, I just know that it does.

This is in part to the expertise and attention to detail that Heidi shows during my treatments. She obviously cares deeply about her work and has a broad knowledge of how best to address your ailment and put you at ease.

I work in a fairly high pressure job but after a typical reflexology session, I feel calm, relaxed and back in control, ready for another day.

I can recommend Mandala Flow if you are looking for a treatment of are just curios about reflexology. In fact, I’ve recently booked an appointment for my Dad with Heidi for his birthday!”

 Paul – June 2017

“Every time I walk in the door of Mandala Flow I feel happy.

It could be due to the fact I am warmly greeted by two beautiful women, Liz and Heidi. It could be the authentic and genuine welcoming energy that effortlessly exists when you have these women working to fulfil not only their potential, but yours too. Or is could be the result of my own anticipation about my upcoming treatment. Most likely it is all of the above.

I have been a client at Mandala Flow since October 2015. I have been fortunate to experience a number of treatments, It is truly a breath of fresh air to be in the company of healthcare professionals with no pharmaceuticals in sight. The women of Mandala Flow are genuinely passionate about the holistic health and wellbeing of all their clients.

I feel privileged to be part of the Mandala Flow circle of love and I am looking forward to my next treatment (and feeling happy, of course!).”

Suzanne – April 2017

“Liz is a professional who is very accomplished in her field. I received regular treatments which have successfully, restored my wellbeing, giving me a feeling of positive energy. She is a caring person capable of helping others and listening to their needs.”

 Smith – December 2015

“I have known Liz for a few years now. Reflexology is always very relaxing and comfortable, especially during my exam time, hence why I tend to fall asleep each time I received a treatment. Afterwards I feel less stressed and generally more energised.”

Philip – December 2015

“I always enjoy my reflexology sessions with Liz. It is so relaxing and I feel fantastic afterwards. I have sleep issues and energy problems. After my treatment I feel so relaxed, yet with increased energy that lasts for a few days and I also have a much better sleep that night. Liz is very calming and intuitively knows what areas need worked on before you even tell her. I can’t wait until my next treatment.”

Sacha – December 2015

“I met Liz in the hospital where I work as a nurse. Already a degree qualified complementary therapist she was expanding her knowledge base by doing a nursing degree. I’d had reflexology before and already convinced by it’s benefits, I decided to have a treatment with Liz.I wasn’t disappointed! Apart from being one of the most relaxing things you could ever do, amazingly reflexology cures a whole range of ailments too. I’ve also had the odd bit of Reiki and to feel heat from Liz’s hands despite the fact they’re not physically touching me, was a weird yet, comforting sensation. Liz is not only highly qualified but has a lovely nature and makes you feel very relaxed and welcome. She definitely knows her stuff and I’m so pleased I met her as there’s no doubt my health and well-being has benefited from my sessions with her.”

In my view her work should be regarded as a compulsory treatment, not complementary!

Denise – December 2015

“Liz quickly puts you at ease and it doesn’t stop there. She works a magic on your body through your feet. Her treatments really helped to clear my head and give me a more positive and can do attitude. Reflexology was better at lifting my depression that any amount of prescribed drugs. It really does work. I wish her all the very best in her new venture.”

Jenny – December 2015

“I saw Heidi throughout my pregnancy for various issues: recovering from illness, dealing with excessive stress, general well being and being overdue. I found her Reiki and Reflexology treatments to be very helpful and Heidi’s knowledge and intuition superb. Heidi is always welcoming, friendly and personable yet extremely professional, which makes me, as a client, feel safe and comfortable.”

Kristina – November 2015

“During a stressful period and lacking in self confidence I started seeing Heidi in the hope that my anxiety would get better. Starting with weekly sessions, Heidi treated me with Reiki followed by reflexology. Within the first treatment with Heidi I felt an instant improvement in the way I felt within myself and my anxiety. Since starting my reflexology sessions, I have noticed a huge improvement in my anxiety as I feel a lot calmer within myself and I am gaining my confidence again. With the help and support from Heidi, I am now only seeing her every six weeks. I would like to give a massive thank you to Heidi for allowing me to gain my confidence back and for all of her support which has helped me immensely.”

Beth – November 2015

“I’m really delighted to get the opportunity to write in support of Heidi’s health care treatments.   I have had a course of reflexology sessions with her and can’t praise her enough.   Her technique is excellent but she takes a holistic approach to her work which adds another dimension.  She has a calm and spiritual aura which I find extremely relaxing and I have no hesitation in recommending her therapies.”

Kate – November 2015

“Heidi and Liz are both gifted holistic therapists and practitioners in their field. They are warm and approachable, while at the same time being highly professional. Each in their own way brings a depth of knowledge, intuition and feeling into their work. I have had several treatments with both Heidi and Liz and have always felt completely safe and comfortable in their hands. During treatments, I have experienced profound shifts in my energy and thus in how I was feeling. I highly recommend Heidi and Liz as therapists.”

Helen – November 2015