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About us

Mandala Flow was established in 2014 by Heidi Grillo and Liz Rapson. As degree qualified therapists we are passionate about therapies that increase flow within. We are proud to each have a BSc in Complementary Therapies (specialising in Reflexology with Chinese Medicine Perspective).

 Our aim is to show our clients ways to reach their optimal point of health, resilience, flow and wellbeing. We aim to facilitate this by providing holistic sessions tailored to you which provide steps to reach your desired outcomes. Those steps can be stand alone or a collective of our treatments -Reflexology, Energy Medicine, EFT tapping, Reiki, Talk Energy sessions, bespoke visualisation and meditations tailored to you and your safe places.

In addition we teach and advise on what we call your health tool kit. This is a collection of bespoke graphics and information designed to offer you accessible everyday ways to boost your feel good energy and vitality for life while away from the clinic. These may include books, podcasts, music, exercises, hobbies, feel good activities and much more and you are able to access as much or as little of this as you like-it’s all about what feels good.

Heidi Grillo BSc

My passion for therapies runs deep. I have a strong sense that I can create flow in a client’s energy and teach them to maintain it using a combination of my qualifications and intuitive ability to create a bespoke treatment plan. There is power in observing how you think about yourself, your fears, your joy, your past, and your potential. Living a healthy life ought to be seen as a path where good and bad experiences shape the outcome. Success and failure are part of our contract with life, not blocks to it.

I love to teach clients how to observe and work with their body and mind more and use the feedback as signposts to better health.
Everyone has the right to feel good about themselves, starting right now.

Liz Rapson BSc

For over 15 years now, I have been a student of holistic therapies and the energy exchanges between client and therapist, predominately from an oriental perspective. I have always been interested in the benefits of alternative health – especially the invisible realms of energy, consciousness, thoughts and emotions. I became degree qualified in Complementary Therapies (Reflexology) in 2007 and in Adult Nursing in 2010 as a means to understand both holistic and orthodox approaches to healthcare.

I also firmly believe that the two approaches to healthcare can together make a difference, and the future of holistic therapies should include more evidence based practice, research and auditing to bring about a ‘whole’ modern system of healthcare.

What we do

At Mandala Flow, we work with energy. We aim to manipulate the energy flow in meridians to improve wellbeing, increase vitality and boost health with a range of our services.

We do this through moving the energy from its current state (possibly excess or deficient) to help it reach its optimum flow.

As life and energy is constantly changing, we look at how to bring the body back to function as well as it can in order for our clients to feel the best they can.