Cost of treatments : £65 for 55 minutes, £222 for 4 session block booking

We believe that all of our sessions should be charged for the time taken as opposed to the individual treatment so all our sessions are £55 for 55 minutes, nice and simple. This also includes your consultation during the first session.

The services we provide include


Reflexology is based on the theory that the organs and tissues of the body are reflected in the feet, hands, face and ears. With access to over 100,000 nerve endings in the feet alone, Reflexology can provide a platform for communication between your feet and the central nervous system by stimulating or relaxing the reflexes that are connected to organs and tissues around the body. This makes reflexology a useful therapy for many conditions. 

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is a system of self-care and self-help. It can address physical illness and emotional, mental or spiritual imbalance and promotes a high level of wellness and peak performance. Energy medicine sessions with us utilise touch techniques with principles from acupuncture, yoga, kinesiology and qi gong to help restore and maintain flow, balance and harmony within the body.


Reiki is a relaxing energy healing holistic treatment, which channels energy through touch to assist the client’s natural healing process and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT focuses on the root cause of emotional disharmony. The technique, which is easy to learn and use, involves tapping along the body’s meridians in parallel while repeating affirmations and can eliminate negative and painful emotions associated with feelings such as low self-esteem, phobias, trauma, anxiety, depression, stress and more.

Talk Energy Sessions

A holistic approach to working with who you are ie your personality, characteristics and life experiences using five element theory, and how you can harness and refocus your energy to boost your feel good energy and achieve your goals. This can be session only based or include teaching using tips and tools around mind mapping, visualisation, energy medicine exercises, mindfulness, affirmations, recommendations to literature, videos, meditations and music which are tailored to your individual circumstances.

Who can we treat?

Our treatments are suitable for men, women and children (with consent). All of our treatments work with the body’s energy using touch, mostly in connection with meridians, reflexes and acupoints taking into account the five element theory.

How many sessions do you need?

4 treatments (either weekly or bi-weekly) are recommended to kick start the ‘feel good’ process, though we do have clients that come for one session every now and again when they feel they need it – it is really up to you and we are happy to discuss what you feel you need.